Homeland has a solid record of success in administering membership programs for associations, affinity groups and unions. We bring a wealth of knowledge and resources that support the growth and reputation of your organization by enhancing its value to prospective and current members.

Client Support

Our friendly, dedicated Customer Care team is equipped and easily accessible to help our clients' customers. In-depth training and high quality standards ensure quick and thorough answers and add value to each membership. Whether they prefer email or phone, we can efficiently serve their needs. Our customer service team also helps to create goodwill and member longevity through acting as champions for members by resolving specific pain points.

I've found the customer service to be extraordinary in that people have gone out of their way to provide assistance and find the right answers to questions. They are serious about making sure they have met your needs satisfactorily. I truly felt at home.
Association Member from Virginia

Member Communications

We stay in regular contact with your members to keep them informed and engaged through email campaigns, membership notifications, newsletters, social media and online communications.

Benefit Management

Learn how Homeland helps you secure new members and cement the loyalty of those you already have. We are experts at assembling valuable membership benefit packages designed to make the consumer's decision fast and easy. We can also administer all aspects of your membership program, which reduces your expenses, bringing more value to your members.

Product Optimization

Whether you need to bridge areas of inadequate coverage or fine-tune a current benefit, we make sure that you're offering the right products to the right members at the right time and at the right price. We work tirelessly to identify the right resources, benefits and solutions that address your members' pain points, helping you to retain and attract members.

Fulfillment – Online and Print

Immediately upon enrollment, members can manage their membership through our secure, convenient online website, known as MVP. Members can review their association benefits, membership plan summary, prescription benefit information, and account information. Access to MVP ensures members can review and quickly confirm that they have the right membership plan for their needs and know how to take full advantage of all benefits. Within seven days, we send new members wallet-sized identification cards and a welcome letter. We also provide prompt updates on changes and any new materials they need.

Association Experience

Homeland has earned the trust and loyalty of numerous professional and industry associations. Learn how we have contributed to the success of other associations.

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Find out how Homeland can help your association grow its membership and retain existing members through strategic benefit programs and insightful program management by contacting us.