Customized Enrollment Strategies

We offer a unique blend of enrollment strategies that can be customized to your clients’ needs. Options include Onsite Enrollment, Inbound and Outbound Call Center Enrollment and Self-Service Enrollment.

On-Site Enrollment: on-site enrollment, if conditions allow, continues to provide the most desirable results. This personalized approach enables our licensed Benefit Advisors to meet one-on-one at the workplace to assist employees in completing their enrollment. Our agents can support a dependent audit and also aid in the education and enrollment of core benefits and wellness programs.

Inbound and Outbound Call Center Enrollment: Employees call into a dedicated toll-free number at their convenience to speak with a licensed Benefit Advisor who will explain their benefit options and enter their benefit selections directly into one of Homeland’s enrollment systems. Our agents also specialize in outbound call campaigns to employees. We understand that employees are busy and that their work environment may not be conducive to an inbound call. We strategize with the employer and broker to develop and optimal outbound call strategy to ensure strong participation. Reporting on call metrics is provided routinely to help guide an enrollment successfully to completion. We provide an added service of recording all phone calls for documentation, which may be valuable in the event the employer needs to confirm or clarify employees' election choice or voluntary terminations of benefits. By using this call center approach to enrollment, this means less work for brokers so they can maximize their time selling.

Self-Service: We offer a convenient, self-service solution to benefits enrollment for employers. By partnering with industry leading technology, we offer a self-paced enrollment platform that helps eliminate duplicated, missing or incomplete data while offering convenience for employees. Using work/life decision-modeling calculators driven by real employee data, this self-paced enrollment platform helps eliminate duplicated, missing or incomplete data. Intuitive, needs-based responses educate employees about the options available to them and their families, and provide a more personalized approach to the benefit communication and enrollment experience.