As a licensed TPA, Homeland offers a variety of services to its clients that provide solutions to address a growing need in the marketplace.

Homeland Pay Billing Solutions

Homeland offers a variety of flexible billing methods that help address the burdens faced by employers for Voluntary benefit administration for their employees. We have extensive expertise with billing, invoicing and remitting premiums. One or more billing options can be selected.

Payroll Redirect

Payroll Redirect helps relieve the burden of invoice reconciliations and also ensures individual employee premiums are collected which in turn avoids lapses in coverage. This method thereby reduces the “chasing of funds.” Following the completion of open enrollment, Homeland will aggregate premium deductions by employee and assign employee-specific account numbers. This aggregated file is provided to the employer who loads the deductions, according to payroll frequency, into the payroll system. On designated payroll dates, deductions are sent via bank draft to individual employee premium accounts. On a monthly basis, Homeland collects premiums by employee and remits to each carrier.

List Bill

With List Bill, the employer will deduct the benefit amount from the employee each pay day. Homeland will then send the employer a single consolidated bill each month for the employees' benefits. After the employer reviews/approves the invoice, Homeland drafts the employer’s designated bank account for the benefits invoice. Homeland remits premiums to each carrier for the amounts due for coverage which eliminated the need for the employer to reconcile invoices from multiple carriers.

Employee Direct Pay

With Employee Direct Pay, Homeland drafts employee’s bank account or credit card for benefits on predetermined date(s). Homeland remits payment to each carrier for the amount due for coverage. Homeland manages payment method to avoid lapse in coverage.

Single Source

Single Source affords the use of only one payroll deduction slot for multiple carriers/programs. One combined payroll deduction amount for all benefits is sent, then segmented and dispersed to providers.