The Consumers Direct Association of America (CDAoA) is a national membership organization which seeks to provide various discount lifestyle and wellness benefits to its members.

Membership into CDAoA offers access to these exclusive non-insured discounts and services through a special program called DriverCare Program. Also available through DriverCare are supplemental health insurance options that can be obtained on a voluntary basis for an additional premium.Homeland HealthCare, LLC works with the CDAoA to make sure their members receive excellent customer service to support their benefit needs.


Key challenges: adding and better serving members

As the association built its member base and reputation, it gained greater insight into the needs of its current and prospective members. But its leadership team recognized that it needed expert assistance to achieve several key objectives:

  • Build positive brand awareness
  • Boost membership growth
  • Improve member retention
  • Continually add and refine member benefits
  • Expand resources to help members grow their businesses

The association sought assistance in three crucial areas: member-focused administration; access to top-quality benefits, including insurance plans; and proven marketing capabilities. But, rather than deal with multiple providers and piecemeal solutions, the association wanted an exclusive relationship with a single business partner who could provide a turnkey solution.

Homeland HealthCare, LLC Rises to the Top

Homeland HealthCare, LLC was the clear choice for the CDAoA. It is one of the rare administrators that offers the full spectrum of administrative and marketing services: product management and servicing, comprehensive member support, carrier and agent relations, and sophisticated marketing programs.

As a leader at the forefront of the supplemental insurance market, Homeland HealthCare, LLC already served the self-employed segment and individuals in transition. So, its highly experienced team brought a unique understanding of the marketplace, as well as the association's core membership and their evolving needs. This was very important to the association, as it wanted to provide more specialized resources to support its members.

Raising the customer service bar

Members are receiving tangibly greater levels of customer service with Homeland HealthCare, LLC as the CDAoA's benefits administrator. For example, calls to Member Services line are answered in less than one minute, and representatives work to answer questions and resolve any issues on the first call, without rushing members. Additionally, a dedicated advocacy group that acts as champions for members with challenging issues has been key to maintaining member satisfaction.

What's more, Homeland HealthCare, LLC's expertise in managing and monitoring insurance products has meant remarkably few rate increases on members' policies. At the same time, it has provided profitable member management for all parties – the association, the insurance carriers, other benefit providers, and Homeland. 

I have been very impressed with customer service and additional benefits through CDAoA.
Member from South Dakota